You guys are the real deal! I love sitting in with you guys.

- Michael Omartian, Keyboardist-Steely Dans Pretzel Logic, Katy Lied, Aja

I was blown away with the band, and frankly flabbergasted you have been doing this since 2004 and have not been discovered. Its a very unique thing you cats are doing.

- Christopher Cross, Grammy-winning songwriter, recording artist.

I had a blast-you guys are awesome-it took me all the way back!

- Mark Kibble, Vocalist & Arranger-Take 6

Amazing show-Ive been in Nashville all these years and didnt know what I was missing.

- John Elefante, Vocalist-formerly of Kansas, Mastedon, Solo artist

The first time I came to see your wonderful band was Dec. 19th. When you played your first song "Green Earrings" I was HOOKED! I sat mesmorized by the sound all of you create together and for a couple of hours you transformed me to a time 25-30 years ago when I got so excited when I heard a Steely Dan song/songs on the radio. And at the end of your show when all of you played "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago...OMG!! I was blessed to see Chicago perform in Charlotte, NC in 1981 when I was 18 in an outdoor show, and all of you were just as good if not better! WOW!

Then on Jan. 23rd, I came to see you again. I said to myself, "They CAN'T be as good as last time..." You were not as good...you were BETTER!!! I watched everything...the sound check before the show...where you made sure your sound was perfect, and it was. The selection of music from Steely Dan...the hits I have heard, the songs I have NOT heard before (which were terrific), the joy I see on your faces when you perform together, and watching how so incredibly tight all of you are when you play...thank you for another super performance! I am counting the days until March 27th when you perform again and I am going to do my best to bring in my best friend that now lives in central Indiana to be with me (he worked in the music business years ago) to let him see what I have been raving about to him!!

Steve Golden

You guys were awesome! Saw your show for the first time at 3rd and Lindsley on January 29 and loved it. Totally authentic Steely Dan sound and loved your guest artists as well. It made me appreciate the music even more because I was really listening at the live performance more than I ever had to Steely Dan when it was background music to something else. Hope to see you many more times and to bring new fans every time!

Barbara Brown Nashville

Last night's show was top-shelf. You guys, just like the Dan, take it to about as close to perfection as it gets. You looked like you were having fun and it showed. Thank you for pulling out all stops to make it a night to remember. I can't wait until the next show!

I saw these guys for the first time at 3d & Lindsley in Nashville Tn on Tuesday March 13th 2007. This group plays Steely Dan better than Steely Dan plays Steely Dan !!! What a show !!!

Marty MacKeever "Ronnie Milsap Group" Nashville TN

Since seeing my first show in the summer, 2006, I haven't missed one since. I live in Tullahoma and don't get home until after 1:30 am, but it is well worth it. For anyone who is a lover of Steely Dan with their highly sophisticated musical arrangements, it doesn't get any better than this. You MUST make an effort to see "Twelve Against Nature." You will be hooked and like most folks, you will return to see them again. I am already planning to be at the next show Dec. 2nd, at Third and Lindsley.

Ed Hoge

I saw the band last night for the first time and it was amazing.This band really covers the SD catalog with the hits and a great selection of the deep cuts.Going to the show not knowing what to expect from the set list I left not dissapointed and the true SD fans will really appreciate the selection. The vocals on Any Major Dude and Here At The Western World were so awesome.

William Sanders III

Great show! The most enjoyment I have had at a bar since the Nationals played at the Boro. The music was amazing, the musiscians were on, the song selection was great for any true Steely Dan fan - new, old, obscure, solo Donald - it was all there. The sax solo in Deacon Blues was so amazing and well practiced, and fiery that it can only be characterized as pretty close.... Hey nobodies perfect... Loved the show and I will be back on the 22nd, to support my second favorite band... steely dan being the first. Thanks again for a great night!

Sam Roy

Great to hear you tonight Steve (Arnold). The whole band sounded great but you in particular were RIGHT ON IT. Chuck Rainey would be proud.

Dave Pomeroy

I've been blown away again, as usual. Your group is the most awesome out there! I just enjoy coming down to Third and Lindsley and listening for hours. I hardly ever miss your appearances down at Third and Lindsley; I've become a regular. I sing along to every song because I listen to Steely Dan so much that I probably know every word to every song you could play, but I never get bored. I could listen to the Dan forever. I'm probably your youngest fan at 15! Ever since my father dragged me down there to see you I've been dragging him ever since. I'm not big on concerts so just sitting in a small setting listening to Steely Dan is my type of evening. I brought one of my friends last time who had never even heard of Steely Dan and she really enjoyed it.

Thanks for all you do for the name of Steely Dan and all its fans! You can count on me being at any of your gigs at Third and Lindsley 9 times out of 10! If it weren't for school I'd be there the full 10!

Rachel Brown

My second review.  Saw T.A.N. at 3rd and Lindsley last night (2/3/06). Another great performance. My son turned 19 yesterday and his birthday gift from me to him was to bring him to see your band. He was blown away. He's a guitarist (not a bad one either) and came away inspired to commit himself to be the best he can be. His goal, to be as tight as the musicians in your band. Thanks for a great show.

Michael Taylor

I've been a fan of the Dan from the word go. Haveing grown up in and around the music biz, I can tell you if you haven't seen these folks, you're missing out on something spectacular. If you have, well, you already know. You don't have to be a Steely Dan fan to appreciate music at it's finest. You can tell by the way 12AN sounds, that there has been countless hours of practice time put into this effort. This is truly one of the best performances I've ever seen. Do yourself and friend a favor, go see this show. 


A friend of mine asked me to go see Royal Scam. He knows a couple of the band members. We drove from Knoxville and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. I'm not impressed very easily and agreed to go mostly because a road-trip sounded good. I was clapping like a teenager at their first concert...this is one great band! If you like Steely Dan or if you appreciate great musicians, then you need to make the time for one of their shows. You won't regret it! Highly recommended!

Roger Alexander

I just seen my first performance of Royal Scam last night at 3rd & Lindsley. Simply awesome guys. It seems I've listened to Steely Dan forever and your tribute more than does them justice. I think what impressed me the most was the talent and skill of some truly top level musicians and vocalists. I'm a musician myself and know a little (only a little) about the difficulties in some pieces of music, in front of a crowd, working together throughout the whole band, etc., etc., Royal Scam is one of the tightest bands I've ever witnessed. Keep it going, I'll be there to listen. PLEASE!!!! COME TO BLUESBORO IN MURFREESBORO!!! You'll blow this town away.

Michael Taylor - Murfreesboro, TN

I just witnessed my third Scam performance and I continue to come away ecstatic and speechless. You are not so much a tribute band, as you are a stellar group of musicians who just happen to love some of the greatest American music ever written. I do not come to your shows for nostalgia purposes - Nay I come to nurture and replenish the very thing that spurs my soul on a daily basis. I have listened to Steely Dan continuously since my teen years in the seventies. Not occasionaly, but REGULARLY! To have found you now, in my mid-forties, is like having a long-lost friend move back to town after years underground... I cannot critique any given song's performance, because they are ALL heartfelt and flawless. Trust me, I KNOW Steely Dan - and you, ladies and gentlemen, are as close to seeing Steely Dan (sans the actual viewing of Walter and Donald) as it gets. Thank You from the bottom of my twisted little heart and boston ragged soul for keeping this music alive with such Love.

Tommy Tittsworth - Nashville, TN

We had such a blast last night! You all are AMAZING!!! We were absolutely blown away - honestly, if I closed my eyes, I would have sworn it WAS Steely Dan on stage! We'll look forward to future concerts! Kudos to RS!

Diane Moody

I stepped up to the platform. The man gave me the news. I closed my eyes. I was transported to the 1970's. I imagined I was in the studio with Becker and Fagen. I was one with the music. I have seen Steely Dan in concert twice in recent years, and the real thing cannot compare to this three hour performance. The Royal Scam is outstanding. If you love the music of Steely Dan, this is a show you will remember and want to see again.

Jack Shell

Loved the show last night!! It seems like all of my professional life, going to a club to see a band has been an obligation. I enjoy it but it's still part of doing my job. A "Royal Scam" show, on the other hand, is purely for pleasure. It's always a kick to bring someone to the show and watch them be amazed.

Bill Puryear

Wow! and like wow! You guys thrilled me to no end. I am telling all the Dan heads about your next gig.

Sam Stricklin

Everyone was awesome! Sounded great! Special acknowledgements to Steve Arnold on that thumpin' bass (Rock on Dude), Steve Ebe poppin' the beat in the back, and Kye twisting the neck on that crazy guitar. And I must not leave out Scott, the leads, even though I don't know you personally, I commend you on a great performance.

Tina Turbeville

WOW! Being born in 1974, I didn't grow up listening to SD, except when I'd hear it at the dentist office along with Fleetwood Mac, and Elton John--and to be quite honest I could never stand it. As I grew older I was introduced to SD (Peg,Kid Charlemagne,Rikki)on a limited basis through different musical ensembles. So musical, so challenging! I have grown to really appreciate it-and when I saw and heard it done so flawlessly by the royal scam--I had to stay and soak it all in. I actually called friends during tunes so they could hear just how amazing RS is. Steve Ebe is inspiring on the kit. You all made it look easy. 3rd and Lindsley has never sounded so good.

Danny Memeo

It was great seeing real "PLAYERS" play "MUSIC", in a local Nashville club.You guys really pulled it off well!!!

Most excellent!! Loved you guys! Horn arrangements were great. Youreally pull it off.

What a great thing you've put together. You have ascended to another plane, my friends. And your vocals -- damn! It's an encouragement to see all of your core talents and passions coalesce and focus and create a thing that clearly thrills both your team and your audience. That combination is what everyone wishes they have but few ever achieve.

Craig Hansen

this is the first time i have heard the band. we caught the second set and i was thrilled. precision performance, great rhythm section pocket, vocals like you read about, all that and a margarita! good job folks and i encourage you to keep it up. the Dan presented us with a different perspective of music and those of us that turned to listen have never been the same. i hope to see you again next time i am in nashville.

peace in your heart.
chip graham

I saw the show Friday evening and loved it. Great tune selection. I especially dug "Here At The Western World". What a closet classic.

It was a very impressive show. You guys have obviously really done your homework. The charts were dead-on and the execution close to perfect. Asa jazz musician and diagnosed Steely Dan freak I can't tell you how nice it was to sit in 3rd & Lindsley and hear such wonderful music. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put the Royal Scam out there. You have an incredible group and a fantastic sound.

Keep up the great work!
Brent Cundall

"Here At The Western World"... wow. Most unexpected, and a brilliant choice. Thank you folks so much. That was beautiful, profound.

This was my third Scam, and they (You) just keep getting better. We brought some new folks with us; it's fun to watch the stunned grins on their faces as you guys kick in. One gal turned to me and said, "It's like being in church." No argument.


You guys and gals brought Steely Dan's music to life saturday night. I went home and broke out all my SD CD's...and heard things that I hadn't noticed before. The LIVE music made that happen. Excellent Performance by top-notch musicians!! Thank You.

Ed Canaday

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